“Deals Hong Kong App is the premiere daily deals and group buy aggregator app based in Hong Kong.

The powerful filter in app allows users to see group-buy offers based on a category or group buying site. So if it is only “”Food & Drink”” deals, or offers specifically from “”GroupOn”” that users are after, app will only show them exactly what they are looking for.”

The New Deals view allows you to see all the group buy offers that are published today, and the Top Deals view allows you to see the deals that have been purchased the most.

The powerful Deals Hong Kong filter allows you to see group buy offers based on a Category or Group Buying site. So if it’s only Food & Drink deals, or offers specifically from Groupon that you’re after, we will only show you exactly what you’re looking for.

The group buying websites we aggregate include:

  • BaoTao
  • GroupBuyer
  • Groupon
  • RedWizard
  • Twangoo
  • WineDeals


  • Date : October 16, 2014
  • Tags : ANDROID