Good Work Buzz


GoodWorkBuzz is a new way to measure and develop engagement and well-being at work. With our service you will save time and money, not to mention keeping updated on how your employees are doing. Listen to your employees and involve them in developing the workplace.

It’s all about breaking invisible walls and unleashing the power of your personnel!

Fun and useful features

Quick feedback in seconds! You can quickly find out what your employees think or ask a question that relates to engagement and well-being by using the Quick Feedback feature. We can also provide you with a set of useful questions to ask.

The GoodBuzz! feature will showcase your strengths and increase the positive vibe in the group.

The game-like interface invites people into giving feedback and is rewarding to use!

Tracking feedback

Tracking feedback and the levels of engagement and wellbeing is easy with our real-time admin platform. The feedback is categorized and organized so that you can quickly pick out the most important areas to develop.

Our service is built on strong Finnish research on engagement and well-being at work, paired with expertise in the field of organizational psychology and survey construction. Boosting engagement and well-being has never been this agile and efficient!


  • Date : January 5, 2018