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Brief Description

Izy is a complete digital solution for the commercial complex which includes Mobile and Web Solutions. This app can be used by people working on the build or visiting the building to get different services offered within building or outside of the building. Some example of service is parking, food orders, housekeeping, meeting room booking, parcel services, etc. This application will also be used by building users to create tickets for problems in the building.

Key Features

  1. Canteen: cashless payment with the help of sensors like NFC tag and iBeacons. 
  2. Food ordering system: Bulk food ordering required for big meetings/events
  3. Rent space: can book space, Invite user for a meeting, order food and equipment for meeting and events
  4. Ticket: create assignments related to maintenance in the building. If someone in the building detects something to be repaired or replaced, etc., he or she can take a picture of the problem, create an assignment and get an update on the status of the task. 
  5. Good and Services: We offer in the app the purchase of various goods and services that are relevant in the office building. Here you can, for example, pay for goods in the building’s kiosk/coffee bar, order cleansing of shirts and clothes that are collected and delivered in your building, bring fresh bread home, or buy cake and flowers for special occasions. 
  6. Local Services: List Local service nearby buildings which can contribute to the building services.
  7. Packages: This makes the package delivery easy for tenants in the build.
  8. HeatMap: This is for Canteen to make the user get the info regarding the rush.

The Challenge

Was to build an Innovative mobile technology to make the everyday life of tenants and farm owners easier.


4Service has developed a new and innovative technology for the real estate industry. The vision is to make everyday life easier for both the tenant and the farm owner. The users in a building are offered a mobile-based application with access to relevant features and services, based on a comprehensive ecosystem related to Facility Services.

The Izy app is based on a highly advanced technology platform that has full transparency for connecting other systems via APIs. The app is among other things fully integrated with VISMA accounts for transfers and billing, NETS and Stripe for card payment, as well as advanced meeting booking and co-working management system.


  • Client:Bearsthemes
  • Date:May 14, 2018
  • Tags:photography, agency, creative
  • Project Type:Multipurpose Template