HTML5 Development

HTML5 is the next evolution of HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, which forms the backbone of almost every site on the Internet. It began to take shape back in 2004, and the official specification may not be actually complete until the year 2022! But HTML5 is already here, in everything from your current desktop browser to your new smartphone, so there’s no problem with getting started. As more and more browser are implementing HTML5 specification it is growing more popular.

The goal HTML5 is “write once, run everywhere”, code written once can be run on web, different browser of different devices without any change or only small change. HTML5 can be run on mobile browsers or as a stand alone app on iOS, android, windows phone and blackberry devices. For many apps HTML5 could be cost effective technology. According to a recent report from Vision Mobile entitled “Can HTML5 compete with Native?” 37 percent of Android apps could be implemented using HTML5 via a mobile browser, 49 percent via Phonegap, 63 percent via Appcelerator and 98 percent via Firefox OS.

We have experience of developing both web and standalone HTML5 apps. For making standalone app using HTML5 we use open source framework “Phonegap”. Phonegap allows to access many device features not accessible from HTML5 adding more capabilities to your app.