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Good work buzz is a package of mobile and web application that helps to keep track of status and activity of employee. It is an efficient method for easier, convenient and economic ways to measure, maintain and develop well-being of working environment in an organization. It helps to uphold the work flow around the work place.

Coming apart from traditional employees’ surveys that are slow and tedious, GWB stands as alternative in more efficient, effective and entertaining ways. It stands as modern technical tool for intelligent decision making of an organization.

About Project

GoodWorkBuzz is more than just an online measuring that automatically categorizes the feedback given and sorts it into an easy-to-use overview of the best results and a to-do- list of the areas most in need of improvement. Certain unique features of this project involve professional formatting, measurable data for proper decision making and boosting engagement at work that will become a natural part of the daily lives of your employees.

With the implementation of the GWB, every user can ensure happier workforce, better quality and efficiency at work reduced absences and an improved employer reputation.

The Challenge

Good Work Buzz Solution was built for the measuring well-being of employees at work, so the major challenges were:


Solution had to be made available to user; hence its usability was the core requirement. Following major points had to be kept in mind while developing in its usability perspective:

  • The solution should be fast and fun while interacting.

  • Mobile app along with user admin should be made intuitive and easy to use.

  • It has to be made tempting such that users would want to come back over and over again.

  • Using the app has to be fluid and response has to be fast.


Security has always been a huge concern when it comes to technical solution. Hence to develop this application we had to keep in following conditions in mind.

  • User anonymity should be highly secured in all situations and couldn’t be compromised.

  • Information security has to be high level in every part of the software (user or company data leakage could lead to several prosecutions!)


Ultimately with hard work, GWS finally resulted in tracking feedbacks and levels of the engagement of the employees. This gave in insights to the easier real-time admin platform. This resulted in efficient application which categorize and prioritize the most urgent and important areas of development of the firm.

Technological Partner For Your Idea/Business

Some of the Features are

  • Fast feedback (stay up to date)
  • Quick poll (Find out what your staff thinks)
  • Increase positivity (More focus on good things)
  • Build in gamification (Activate and reward)
  • Ranked results (Find out what really occurs)
  • Effective campaigns(Activate and develop fast)
  • Clear results (Intuitive dashboard)
  • Click and import (Import graph, data, and feedback for your reports)


  • Ranked and Clear results.
  • Openness & Reliability.
  • Easy to stay up to date/ Fast feedback Increase positivity.
  • Built in gamification.
  • Real time Management System.
  • Customer Oriented.


  • Client:Bearsthemes
  • Date:May 14, 2018
  • Tags:photography, agency, creative
  • Project Type:Multipurpose Template